Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big News...

We've moved...

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Rainey & Mike 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome to our adventure!

The adventure begins.

One of the first steps is the decision to sell our boat and our Harley to buy an Airstream. CHECK!

Now onto the process... First the boat needs a little sprucing up from the Summer. Just cleaning it out polishing the gelcoat and chrome. Cleaning the white vinyl seats, you know, generally detail the coat. Next the Harley. Detailing that too plus finding a carburetor cover that we lost on the road on our last ride.  Both the boat and the Harley will be going up for sale in April. The beginning of the season for both boating and biking.

We'll save the money from both and use it for a down payment for an Airstream. Most likely used. The new ones are way out of our price range. But we've been looking and we think we have it narrowed down to what we want in an Airstream. So many to choose from!

I'll update this blog as we make progress.